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Testimonial for Pinterest to Profits with Pintalysis:

"Vincent Ng is a master Pinterest marketer. Since I didn't know much about him, I didn't want to spend too much. However, as I went through the course, I was blown away by the depth of the content and the value I had gotten for my money. I've purchased many other courses in the past for more money that offered a lot less value.

His video course is packed with information that's easy to understand and done with touches of his very original humor. On top of the fantastic video course, Vincent gives you the Pinterest to Profits with Pintalysis e-book for free. It's almost an insult to the book to give it away as a freebie, because the book is jam-packed with information that is not in the video course. It is not just an excellent book about Pinterest, it is also a very valuable book about how to be a good marketer in general.

And on top of all this, Vincent offers free advice to his students via email. He's answered any questions I've had with care and sincerity. Also, he's just a very likeable guy who seems honest and eager to provide great value.

I have just finished the course and, using some of Vincent's techniques, am seeing steady increases in traffic and subscribers to my site.

If you are interested in learning about Pinterest for your business, don't bother looking further, you've found a great guy with a great course who knows what he's talking about. He has poured his heart and soul into making this Pinterest course."

-Norma & Ken

I designed this pin that generated over 100 thousand repins and received hundreds of thousands of website visits.

Discover the tips and tricks on how you can do this.

Are you Ready to go from Pinterest to Profits

Welcome fellow pinner. First off, I want you to know that the Pinterest to Profits Online Academy is a Pinterest marketing course that is designed for you to learn at your own pace.

This is why at this time, I'm offering lifetime membership to the academy. I don't think it's fair that you pay for a course only to have a course become outdated six months later.

Pinterest makes too many changes and you need a course that will keep up to date with those changes. I plan to keep up with those changes to help you grow with Pinterest.

Here's the truth, there's a lot to take in for the course. You should only consider joining if you're serious about your Pinterest marketing. The course doesn't hold a magic bullet, however it is based on sound principles, several case studies and the experiences of myself and many of the world's top Pinterest marketers.

In the course you will find out how I was able to helped Orglamix increase their sales by 14% within 2 weeks and increase new website visitors by 42% with Pinterest. Also discover the techniques I used to help a coupon blogger and travel blog get over hundreds of thousands of visits to their sites each month.

While this course is designed for people who are serious about their marketing, this doesn't mean it's going to be a dry course. You'll find some humor, and interesting engagement as you take the course. (It's been shown that humor is a great way to keep the brain cells learning.)

There are quizzes, supplemental articles provided, and an area for discussion in the case you have questions about Pinterest.

In the Pinterest to Profits with Pintalysis Academy You Will Learn:

  • How to Grow the Right Followers Quickly
  • How to Increase your Revenue with Pinterest
  • Learn How to Get Your Pins to Rank Higher in Search Results for Pinterest and Google
  • How to Drive Hundreds of Thousands of Visitors to Your Website
  • How to use Pinterest for Local Marketing
  • How to Get More Repins
  • How to use Pinterests' Interest feed to reach tens of thousands of people who don't follow you (One of my top secrets!)

The following pin received over 27,000 repins. This is a pin that I designed and optimized for keywords. It was ranked in the top 3 pins for the search term Scotland for over 6 months. You will learn step by step how this was accomplished.


"First off, I would like to thank you for the amazing session you presented at SMMW (Social Media Marketing World). It was the highlight of my conference. Not only because you were entertaining, but also because you gave such actionable, simple steps that you can implement immediately."

-Charney Marks
Communications Director at

"Vincent is amazing when it comes to researching what works and doesn't work on Pinterest. He has done so much A and B testing that has given all of us in the industry valuable information we can pass on to our clients. In addition, Vincent is very willing to share and help others in the industry. I am so glad I had the opportunity to get to know him. He is the consummate business person."

-Anna Vanlandingham Pinterest Pro


When you enrol in the Pinterest to Profits Academy, you will also receive my e-book Pinterest to Profits e-book for free, a $27 value.

Also receive exclusive access to our private Facebook group where you can ask questions and discuss ideas with other pinners.

Take your Pinterest marketing to the next level and enrol today in the Pinterest to Profits course

Vincent Ng
Vincent Ng
Pinterest Consultant and Speaker

My name is Vincent Ng and I’m a Pinterest marketer. It all started back in 2010 when Pinterest was in beta. It was the fastest independent website to get 10 million unique visitors in the U.S.

This really struck a chord with me, and it was then that I knew that Pinterest was going to be a powerhouse in the world of digital and social media marketing.

Since then I’ve dedicated myself to not only understanding what Pinterest is about, but also finding clever ways that small businesses, bloggers, and e-commerce owners could use it to drive more web traffic and get more sales.

One company I helped was online cosmetic company Orglamix. With my help, their business grew sales by 14% and new web visitor traffic by 42% within two weeks.

Another client I worked with was Yu Kai Chou, one of the world’s leading gamification experts. I used Pinterest to help him rank number one for a key search term on Google using Pinterest.

I've also been blessed to work with the world's largest independent travel site, a national coupon site and a New York Times best-selling author with their Pinterest accounts.

I’ve contributed to some amazing social media and Pinterest blogs out there, including Social Media Examiner, Top Dog Social Media, Tailwind, Hello Society, and Oh So Pinteresting and have spoken at conferences like Social Media Marketing World, Social Media Success Summit, Agents of Change and the Alaska Inbound Marketing Summit.

My Pinterest article, 5 Ways to Get your Pins Noticed on Pinterest, that was written for Social Media Examiner was so popular, that it was declared as one of the Top Ten Ways to Improve Your Social Media Marketing.

Plus I host the podcast, Pictures to Profits, which talks about how to use visuals and Pinterest to increase your sales and marketing. I've been very blessed to interview people like Peg Fitzpatrick, Melonie Dodaro and Hilary Frazier, who is the Senior Social Media Specialist at University of Michigan.

There are definitely more Pinterest marketers out there then when I first started, but one aspect that separates me from others is my love affair with Pinterest’s search engine. I’m always curious to know why search results show up the way that they do, and how businesses can leverage search for their own pins.

I’m also curious to know how Google and Pinterest work together, and how businesses can leverage their Pinterest account to show up higher in search results.

One of the highlights of my career was the time that I delivered a pizza on behalf of my client, Novo Pizzeria and Wine Bar, to an out of town guest who was landing in Vancouver at 8am on a weekday and had a 1.5 hour layover, because the loyal customer jokingly tweeted that she would like to have a breakfast pizza from Novo.

Not one to disappoint, I took her request quite seriously and personally greeted the tweeter at Vancouver’s airport.

There’s no denying she was impressed with the service.

If you’re curious about my educational background, I graduated from the University of British Columbia with B.A. in math and sociology, and my original plans were to become a teacher, but I changed my mind 3 days after I graduated and realized that business was more lucrative.

I’m currently married to the most beautiful and wonderful woman in the world who has been supportive of my career. She truly has meant the world to me.
Feel free to reach out to me at if you would like to have a chat about Pinterest or would like a professional consultation.

Course Curriculum

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Course Overview
Changes to Pinterest
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5 Tips for using Pinterest for Business
How to Create a Pinterest Business Page
How to Add Your Website to Your Pinterest Profile
Add Keywords In your Pins' Descriptions
Rich Pins Versus Non Rich Pins
How to Upload Pins and Link them to Any URL
Pop Quiz Hot Shot!
What would you like to learn about Pinterest?
Show Content
What is Pinterest?
What is Pinterest?
Pins, Boards, and Profiles! Oh My!
Fully Utilizing the Pinterest Search Box
Check Out Your Notifcation Feed
Show Content
How to Gain More Followers on Pinterest
1. Find Followers With Facebook
2: Use This Contest Platform to Get More Followers
3. Tag Your Username In Your Pins' Descriptions
4. Join a Group Board
4.1 Blog Post about How to Find and Join A Group Board
5. Diversify and Increase the Number of Boards
6. Pin Consistently
7. Cross Promote on Your Social Networks
8. Merge the Online with the Offline
9. Adding a Follow Button in Your E-mails
Pop Quiz Hot Shot 2!
10. Add a Follow Button To Your Site
10.1 How to Add the New Follow Button
11. Join This Content Publishing Network
12: Use this website to get your first 100 followers, or 100 more.
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How to Verify Your Pinterest Account
1: Why You NEED to Verify Your Pinterest Account
2: How to Verify Your Website with Pinterest
Need More Details?
Show Content
Understanding Pinterest's New Analytics
1. Understanding Your Pinterest Profile with Analytics
2. Understand Your Audience with Pinterest Analytics
3. Understanding Your Website Activity with Pinterest Analytics
Pop Quiz Hot Shot
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How to Tag Another User on Pinterest
1. How to Change Your Notification Feed
2. How to Tag Another User on Pinterest
Pop Quiz Hot Shot
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How to Master Pinterest Search
1. Add Keywords to Your Pin's Descriptions
2. Rich Pins can Make All The Difference
2.2 Get Rich Pins for Your Website
3. The Number of Repins Matter (So Be Popular!)
4. Visual Recognition by Pinterest
5. Your Country Matters
Pop Quiz Hot Shot!
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How To Search Optimize Your Boards
1: Use Keywords
2. Increase Your Board's Followers
3. Are you pinning consistently?
4. The One Factor that Rules Them All
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How to Search Optimize Your Pinterest Profile
1. How to Search Optimize Your Pinterest Profile Name
2: How to Add Special Symbols to Your Profile Name
Where to Get Pinterest Symbols
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How to Drive More Traffic to Your Site With Pinterest
1. Adding Your Website to Your Pinterest Profile
2. Add Your Website to Pin Descriptions
3. Add Your Link to Uploaded Pins
4. How Your Alt Text Can Help Drive More Traffic
5. How Rich Pins Can Help Drive More Traffic
6. Add Your Website in Your Pins
7. Bring New Life to Old Pins
8. Join a Group Board
Pop Quiz Hot Shot
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How to Properly Use Hashtags on Pinterest
1. What are Hashtags on Pinterest?
2. How to Properly use Pinterest Hashtags
3. Pinterest Hashtags on the Pinterest Mobile App
Pop Quiz Hot Shot
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How to Use Pinterest for Local Marketing
1. Use Keywords for Local Searches
2. Using Guided Search
Blog Post: How Business can Use Guided Search
3. What are Place pins?
4. How to Create Place Pins
5. Android Notification for Place Pins
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How to use Pinterest Messaging for Business
How to use Pinterest Messaging for Business
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Group Boards (How to Join and Start One)
How to Find and Join Group Boards
How to Start Your Own Group Board
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Pinterest to Profits book
Pinterest to Profits Book (Bonus Gift)
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Interest Feeds - How to Reach Hundreds of Thousands of Non Followers
Read Before Proceeding! Important
1.Introduction to Interest Feeds
2. How to Find Your Audience's Interests
3. How to Show Up on Interest Feeds
4. Advanced Tactics for Showing up On Interest Feeds
Show Content